Monday, 29 November 2010

Paris If You Please ~ 'The Countdown Starts'

Are you counting..?

That's right folks. Just keeping you up to date with the progress over here at Paris If You Please.

Here's where I'm at:

   - I have 1 1/2 bloggeuses said yes to an interview
   - an author of an incredible new Paris book did too
   - around 70 museums and monuments are awaiting my visit
   - 750 restaurants and cafés are probably about to invite me
   - many theatres are wildly scrabbling for my e-mail address
   - 27 Paris books are screaming from my shelves: 'review me!'
   - my new Paris If You Please Meet Up has 35 members
   - my Survive France Paris Forum has 38 members
   - we have four Meet Ups planned already
   - I have a new weekly column coming out in French Week
   - I'm hoping to become a Metro Blogger shortly

So, as you can see, things are shaping up very well indeed. As I'm aiming for a great new item of interest to Paris fans every day, I don't want to launch officially before I can supply!

That's why I'm asking you to send in any and all of your ideas for features on this site. Including promoting yourself, of course, if you have something you would like to promote if it's Paris-related and worth promoting! Leave a comment here or contact me directly (see above) and we'll work it out.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Paris If You Please ~ 'Ideas Wanted'

Contributions & Ideas Please!

Hi Paris Lovers, and welcome once again to the Paris If You Please blog!

I'd like you to help me with some ideas for future Paris related items on this blog.

I'm specifically looking for...

   =>  Interesting Paris people to interview and photograph
   =>  Great places to visit and, umm, photograph
   =>  New books or other publications to review
   =>  Current exhibitions to catch and talk about
   =>  Established Paris bloggers to feature

The blog will be in English but I will be covering both English and French speaking people and events.

I want to highlight Paris-themed things you can do or visit or find out about or read about RIGHT NOW, today or tomorrow!

So a review of a one-off gig, for example, would be a bit pointless, but a write-up of a play you could then go and see at the weekend would be perfect.

I can offer...

=>  Fun reviews  <=>  Cool interviews  <=>  Original photos  <=
=>  Plenty of links  <=>  Free publicity  <=

What to do now...

It's easy - get in touch with your ideas for any of the above. And if you think YOU or your creation should be the subject of a future Paris If You Please posting, then GREAT!

Don't be shy - I need you guys, so come on down and let's get some mutual publicity going in a great positive spirit of friendship and appreciation of all things creative and interesting and of course, not forgetting a little soupçon of... Paris If You Please ;-)

Monday, 8 November 2010

Welcome to 'Paris If You Please'

Hi There Paris Party People...

...and welcome to my latest and quite possibly greatest blog ever - the one you didn't know you've all been waiting for - the blogging equivalent of Frank Zappa's Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar...

Yes, this is where I finally, THANK GOD, stop talking about myself and focus on other people and things for a change. Phew! Yeah, I know.

So, without further ado, I'll Shut Up and get on with inventing the first real posting for Paris If You Please.

Oh, sorry, before I go, you should know a few things:
  1. You'll still have to suffer my funky photos (not sooo painful?)
  2. You'll still be subjected to my purple prose, but in a stripped down version - great!
  3. You could be featured here if you have an interesting link with the city or cool event coming up
  4. You can send me suggestions for future featured people, places and palavers (events, etc.)
  5. You really should leave some nice comments so I know I'm not alone :-)
  6. You might want to join me at a fun Paris If You Please Meetup if you're in town
  7. You will be nice, won't you? Thank you  :-D
See you in Paris!
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