Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Parc Montsouris Photo Quiz ~ Try It Now!

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Parc Montsouris Quiz
25 Fascinating Questions
50 Beautiful Photos

I told you about this earlier in the week, and just wanted to remind you, and ask you to help me out with your feedback.

This is the first in a series of photo quizzes I am producing to cover all the major parks and green areas of Paris.

They will all follow the same style and are intended to be used either on your computer for fun at home, or on your smart phone as you walk around the park.

There is a route to follow clearly marked with a starting point and an and point.

You can, however, do the questions in any order and any number at a time.

You click on the blue question mark to make the little question box pop up. You can click on the picture to get a bigger version.

You click on the little happy/sad theatre masks to get the answer and more photos.

The photos can again be enlarged. The photos are by me, and are as beautiful and artistic as I could manage!

The questions are designed to be as informative and entertaining as possible.

What I would like more than anything is some feedback from you guys who have tried the quiz out. Did you like it? How did you do? And is there any way to make the next ones even better? I'm particularly keen to know if this Google thing works on everybody's computer. You never can trust modern technology, can you? Let me know if you can, thanks!

Oh, just one more thing: if you liked this quiz, what would you like me to do next? I have a list of about twenty possible quizzes, but no particular order, so let me know that too, and good luck!

The Parc Montsouris Photo Quiz ~ 25 Fun Questions to Test Your Knowledge of Paris

© 2010 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free - Suggestions, questions, requests and offers always welcome!


Marilyn said...

I've not done the quiz, but I've done Montsouris. I live nearby - well it's a 40 minute walk but when the weather permits I walk there three or four times a week. And have you yet eaten at that posh resto there?

Sab said...

Yes, I used to run in the park several times a week on good weeks, which is why I did this quiz first!

That posh resto - oh yes, all the time, not that expensive really.. OH, no, sorry I was thinking of the little hut with coffee for a couple of euros ;-)

Actually, come to think of it, that restaurant features in my Quiz, so let me know if you get the answer right :-D

Marilyn said...

So you are one of those joggers who shoot by and makes me dizzy.

And yes, you do have a photo of the chic and expensive resto. The fixed menu is something like 55 euro p.p.without wine.

And have you stopped at the kiosk for a coffee with creme chantilly? Absolutely delicious.

Sab said...

Hi Marilyn, when I'm on a good run I run moderately impressively, but if I'm just coming back after a long spell off, like I will be in January, I'll look a mess.

By the way, the point of the quiz is that you have the questions AND the answers! The price of a fixed menu can be discovered by clicking on the Happy/Sad masks next to the question mark for the question :-D

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