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Places ~ "Give Us a Hand" + Quiz!

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Give Us a Hand

One of the most surprising sculptures in Paris must surely lie, or should I say hang (?), in a quiet little square in Montmartre, with not much to recommend it really, what with its rather ugly hot air vents and resident SDF tent more often than not... were it not for this.

And this marvellous creation in the place Marcel Aymé is by sculptor Jean Marais, and it's called Le Passe-Muraille.

With a name like Marais, you might think that the sculpture should be somewhere else in the city, but the place is named after a writer who wrote a very curious little tale about an ordinary office worker who discovers he has the amazing power to walk through walls.

This leads to some naughtiness, such as thieving and getting his own back for past humiliations until... the day he loses his powers and finds himself trapped inside a wall.

You wouldn't believe the number of times I've gone past this to find some grinning tourists having their photos taken holding his hand or assuming the same pose. And yes, I have done it too, if you must know!

Some wag has decided he should be dandified, it would seem, so here's a rather tarted up version of the wall-crosser you might not have seen before.

If you're lucky I'll show you the bust-modification performed on Dalida just around the corner some time back before she was restored to her original, rather more sombre-chested glory. But I don't think I know you quite well enough for that yet. We'll see.

So, in case you're wondering what this feature is all about, it's yet another attempt to throw more of Paris at you through my street photographs, but with a far more historical and informative approach than on my other blogs where I usually go on at length about the photo itself. Not here though - oh no! Here it's all about Paris my friends, and I hope you like it. The only way I'll know though is if you tell me, and your comments are of course what make it all worthwhile, so comment away!

~ Paris Photo Quiz ~

Oh, and just one more thing. All of you Paris buffs and experts, listen up! I run a Paris Photo Quiz elsewhere on the web, where I'll be offering you the chance to identify some really weird and wonderful Parisian curiosities before featuring them here on Paris If You Please, so do have a look.

The picture in the middle, above here with the letters, is a brand new quiz - so click on it and see if you can answer the question and win some cool photo bookmarks from yours truly. And the other pictures are also still awaiting comprehensive answers too, so have a go - there's nothing to lose and everything to learn :-)
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