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Paris Places ~ 'The Arrondissements Deciphered'

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Arrondissements Deciphered

I've always been quite at home with the arrondissement numbering system, with its cute spiraling snail twirling out from the centre. But if you've never really been able to grasp it, or would prefer a rather more sociological take on things, then maybe this map will help you. I found it on the internet from who knows where. The way you do.

Paris If You Don't Please
 I'll try to decipher/translate it as best I know how, without recourse to any help whatsoever, I assure you (can't be bothered); I'll just give it to you straight. There is no judgement on my part (that comes later). This is basically what it says about the make up of each of the districts.

1st - Tourists and Dodgy guys from the suburbs
2nd - Clothes and stuff
Bobos? Peut-être...
3rd/11th/20th - one big amorphous blob of trendy young new moneyed casuals - the bourgeois bohemians
4th - Poofs
5th - Tourists
6th/7th - Show-off snobs
8th - Tourists and even dodgier suburban troublemakers
9th - No-man's land
10th/19th - Cut-throat land
12th - Nothing
13th - Chinese
14th/15th - Flats
16th - probably snobby, clothes obsessed toffee-noses
17th - Old people
18th - Whores and Tourists

Reste du Monde - Rest of the World
Pauvres - The Poor
Parents - Parents and Relatives
Ploucs - Country Bumpkins

That reminds me of those other maps that did the rounds a while ago - the ones slapping similar stereotypes onto whole countries and even the world and it had quite a bit of success if I remember rightly. In fact, it was: the world or bits of it as seen by each nationality, something like that. Here's a sample:

The World as seen by the USA

And just in case you want more, here's another sample. There's a whole calendar's-worth of the things if you have a rummage around... (click for bigger versions, friends). 

Europe seen by the British

Europe seen by the USA (left), and by the French (right)

Aren't you glad, like I am, that you don't succumb to such gross oversimplification and downright disrespect. Where do they get these things? Utter nonsense, the lot of it, don't you think ;-)
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