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Sab's Top Ten Paris Pavement Pictures: No.1 ~ "Election Time"

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Sab's Top Ten  Paris Pavement Pictures
No.1: "Election Time" ~ Introduction 
by Sab Will,  wannabe offbeat Paris street guru

The creative undercurrents of this city are difficult to contain. Chic galleries and velvety vernissages serve a certain purpose, of course, but for me the simmering soul of Paris more often surfaces and boils over onto the actual streets themselves.

This Paris Pavement Pictures Top Ten is dedicated, therefore, to my favourite spontaneous sidewalk-side pavement paintings which you (almost) literally stumble over as you traipse around the trottoirs. No words needed. If you're looking for slogans, then my Paris Sidewalk Slogans Top 10 is the place to check out!

Whether the artistry is politically, subversively or humorously based, or simply an innocent attempt to brighten up our dreary days, I'll feature the best I've found on these pages.

As time goes on I may well have to divide them all up if there's just too much great stuff to contain in one humble little Top Ten, even if my definition of two times five is a loose one. Let the show begin!

Sab's Top Ten Paris Pavement Pictures
No.1 ~ "Election Time"

Unauthorised political statement of one form or another has always been with us. And anyway, those who would 'authorise' it probably wouldn't be recognised as having the right to do so by most of the transgressors anyway. Such is the murky world of imposed rules and regulations which only have some sort of moral validity in as much as they are agreed upon by everyone...

Whether this cheeky pavement statement from Sarkozy's victorious election year of 2007 was for or against the then future president I've never been able to decide.

On the one hand, it seems to be a rather fun-poking caricature, and yet the flaming blue, white and red hairpiece is nothing if not patriotic, which is generally considered a positive characteristic for presidential candidates.

But that's one of the most pleasing aspects of non-verbal artistic expression: you make your own mind up.

So as election time comes round again I'll be on the look out for more visual political messages which are often worth, as they say, a ton of blah-blah, and my goodness won't there be plenty of that to suffer over the coming months. All the more reason to switch off the TV and just read funky blogs like this one ;~P

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