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Sab's Top Ten Naughty Paris Knockers: No.1 ~ "Ball In Hand"

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Sab's Top Ten Naughty Paris Knockers
No.1: "Ball In Hand" ~ Introduction 
by Sab Will,  wannabe offbeat Paris street guru

In case you were lured here (guys?) under false pretences, I don't apologise, it's your problem and you'll have to live with it ;~S

Anyway, Paris knockers and door knobs are of course in abundance in this city, but due to the uniform and apartmentalised nature of the city, they don't necessarily jump out at you in your average Paris street. You have to seek them out. Or possibly just walk around and let them seek you.

These beautiful and sometimes surprising items can take many forms, and the most interesting are generally found on old houses which are, or at least used to be, single residences, where you may well have summoned the owner, or more likely the housekeeper, if you dared to let the knocker drop.

Here I start a sweet little series on a topic which isn't original but full of charm and curiosity, which, as you know, is right up my street. Enjoy, and if you know of a lovely Paris knocker or two, then this guy would most certainly perk up his grisly head!

Sab's Top Ten Naughty Paris Knockers
No.1 ~ "Ball In Hand"

Wandering the winding back streets of Montmartre is something I've probably done more than some of you reading this little piece, but you may well have spotting what I did the other day.

It's not so obscure, and yet it's one of those charming little details which can so easily slip the inattentive (or simply uninterested) eye.

For me there's no excuse, which is why I wander said streets, and the whole of Paris for that matter, like an epileptic pigeon, head twisting to and fro, from side to side, up and down, with a jerky camera-raise action which I've self-ridiculed elsewhere; how silly I must seem!

Anyway, thanks to one of these twitches, on a recent Montmartre photo tour, I re(re(re))discovered this and finally decided to not only immortalise this gorgeous Paris door knocker, but let it inspire me to finally start this long-overdue series.

Now whilst I'm far, but faaarrrrr from an expert on, well, anything actually, I do like a ramble, both viscerally and verbally, so let me wax loquacious about the beauty of this little lump of bronze. In fact, I don't need to, do I? If you're here it probably means you're seeing what I'm meaning.

I was delighted to find it because, although I knew there were 'ball in hand' knockers around the city, a quick mindsearch didn't turn up any actual locations. So I found one in my absolutely preferred way: by chance.

I tell you, even if you like reading articles like this one, there's nothing more exciting than finding a Paris curiosity for yourself, just by wandering the streets and spotting one. But is it a real 'curiosity', you might wonder, having seen something you're not too sure about. Well, for me, if you've seen something out in the streets you find curious, then that's a good enough definition for me!

So do accompany me on my trails through the city in search of more balls-in-hands, lizards, lions heads, snakes, seraphim and who knows what other manner of whacking wonders. Knock knock! Who's there? I don't know yet, you'll have to proceed to Sab's Top Ten Naughty Paris Knockers, No.2!

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