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Sab's Top Ten Naughty Paris Knockers: No.7 ~ "Lady Of Montmartre"

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Sab's Top Ten Naughty Paris Knockers
No.7: "Lady of Montmartre" ~ Introduction 
by Sab Will,  wannabe offbeat Paris street guru

In case you were lured here (guys?) under false pretences, I don't apologise, it's your problem and you'll have to live with it ;~S

Anyway, Paris knockers and door knobs are of course in abundance in this city, but due to the uniform and apartmentalised nature of the city, they don't necessarily jump out at you in your average Paris street. You have to seek them out. Or possibly just walk around and let them seek you.

These beautiful and sometimes surprising items can take many forms, and the most interesting are generally found on old houses which are, or at least used to be, single residences, where you may well have summoned the owner, or more likely the housekeeper, if you dared to let the knocker drop.

Here I start a sweet little series on a topic which isn't original but full of charm and curiosity, which, as you know, is right up my street. Enjoy, and if you know of a lovely Paris knocker or two, then this guy would most certainly perk up his grisly head!

Sab's Top Ten Naughty Paris Knockers
No.7 ~ "Lady of Montmartre"

Of a rare powder blue, admittedly a little lost in my first picture (look for it in the shadows), but clearer in the following two, the doors of this Montmartre hill-house are arresting to say the least.

And when you discover that there's a wonderful ball-in-hand door knocker just waiting to be, well, knocked (does one knock a knocker? - I'm not sure if one does...), the delight is all the more intense.

I felt a little sheepish when the door whose knocker I was lovingly fondling gingerly opened, and the inhabitants peered out, wondering who was squeaking the hinges of their beautiful ball in hand. It was I. Embarrassing.

This street, in any case, is one of my favourites in Montmartre. Right next to the Lapin Agile cabaret, there are always a ton of dogs being walked or pooed or peeed and, of course, tourists being... tourists, and good for them!

So sleepy is this little street, it's difficult to imagine this particular porte being frapped so often as to leave the gaping hole in the welcoming metal we can see in the third picture. But this is the case, whatever the case. I wonder what you call the receiving plate; I'm sure there must be a wonderfully technical name for it, like 'knockerplate' or 'hammerstop' or something.

The thing's make of solid metal, and my heart jumped a good few times as I was holding it up in the air with a couple of fingers of one hand and taking the picture with a Nikon D700 in the other and every few seconds it would suddenly jolt downwards in an attempt to appease gravity threatening to mortify me with shame as it came smashing down on its landing pad.

Luckily I just managed to avoid this, and one of the day's photo clients got in on the fun, creating a far more striking picture than my attempt, what with her red nails and everything.

So next time you're wandering the streets of Montmartre, look out for this one, and No.1 in the series which was also taken on the Butte. It seems the area has a bit of a penchant for such things.

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