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Sab's Top Ten Fading Paris Finds

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Sab's Top Ten Fading Paris Finds
by Sab Will,  wannabe offbeat Paris street guru

So there I was, wondering which of my 'Sab's Top Ten's to add a new number to, when I suddenly remembered a rather intriguing item I had discovered recently.

It wasn't a wall sign really, and it wasn't one of those splendid old shop signs, and it wasn't a sign of war, and it certainly wasn't a pavement plaque or a bridge... so what was it?

Well, it was a fading remnant of a Paris which is no more, that's what it was. And I realised that Paris is full of such spooky reminders. Hence my new 'Sab's Paris Top Ten', proudly, if enigmatically, entitled 'Sab's Top Ten Fading Paris Finds', and this serendipitous discovery was going to be Number 1!

I hope you enjoy this particularly intriguing series, and do send me suggestions for future items - I'll always buy you a coffee and a croissant for your efforts!

Sab's Top Ten Fading Paris Finds

Not everyone would notice this faded smudge up above street and eye level in a side street of Paris' Marais district, as I, indeed, didn't for nearly 2 decades.

Then, on my way, appropriately enough, to one of our Paris If You Please Meet Up group's monthly Paris quizzes, I saw it. Or did it see me, peering down from where it's been, quietly retiring and slipping away for over 200 years?

Thanks to the wonders of modern scIence I'm able to bring you a zapped up and Sabbified version below, as evening was...  Read more

No.2 ~ "Stone Cold Art"

If there was ever a place in Paris which intrigued me, as much by its name alone as anything else, it was Les Frigos. The Fridges.

I'd been told about it many times, but only actually found it for myself a few months ago, and only ventured inside this summer on an open day.

The full story of this incredible place, now a ...  Read more


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