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Sab's Top Ten Paper Paris Apartments: No.6 ~ "Just A Facade"

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Sab's Top Ten Paper Paris Apartments
No.6: "Just A Facade" ~ Introduction 
by Sab Will,  wannabe offbeat Paris street guru

Wandering through the streets of Paris you may occasionally be struck by what looks like a building about a brick thick.

Welcome to the Paper Paris Building Syndrome.

Well OK, the truth isn't quite there, although I've tried to kid people in the past that there were companies specialising in building only facades on the edges of vacant lots and flogging them to wealthy unwitting middle-eastern gentlemen.

My aim in this Top Ten is not to fool you but to amuse you, as I'm amused every time I come across one of these phenomena.

If you chose the angle right you can make it look as though the slightest breeze would send this sliver of building slamming to the ground or why not floating off into the ether.

The thing is, that due to the fascinating and bizarre topography of the city and its partition of building plots over the centuries, many buildings have had to built to the stangest of dimensions. Hence the phenomenon of strolling around the city and suddenly coming across one of these delightful anomolies.

I'll also so you the secret of the story when possible, with a shot from another angle showing that things are not quite as slim as they seem, but don't let that spoil your pleasure, and let me know about any more of these sly slips I haven't yet spotted. Oh, and don't breathe too heavily or - heaven forbid - sneeze as you go past, just in case! 

Sab's Top Ten Paper Paris Apartments
No.6 ~ "Just A Facade"

This is the one that made me realise that there was a potential Paris Top 10 here.

Wandering around the 13th in search of inspiration and other dubious substances, what should I suddenly see, with a shock: a building looking like it was about to topple over onto all the cars and Christmas shoppers below.

So deliciously thin does this building look you can easily imagine it being inhabited by a special of breed of thinified humans specially biologically engineered to maximise density of people per apartment.

I never have but I'd love to see what the rooms at the end of this 'sliver' (block is hardly the appropriate term) looks like. Especially the top one in the roof. You must feel like your sitting on the edge of the world if you live in that one. Imagine a low jumbo jet or over-enthusiastic seagull misjudging its flightpath and accidentally clipping the corner off. Oops. Erm... sorry!

Wouldn't you feel somewhat... vulnerable if that was your bedroom or toilet or something? Please let a paper-thin person open that window and throw a paper-thin wave in my direction for the photo... but they didn't. Never mind. I'm sure the effort would wear them out for the rest of the day.

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