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Kindle Your Paris Love (or Tablet / Smartphone / PC / Mac..)

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Download "Sab's 20 Paris Quirks" on Amazon now
by Sab Will,  wannabe offbeat Paris street guru

Many of you have already signed up to receive my 20 Paris Quirks and I thank you for that.

Now I'm delighted to announce that those of you who would like to read, or reread all of these beautifully illustrated articles, all in one place, in one go, can.

You can read "Sab's Secret Paris: Quirks & Curios ~ 20 Teasers" immediately on your Amazon Kindle, your PC or Mac, your iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or BlackbBerry etc. using the fun free reading application available from Amazon. Easy and convenient as pie!


I've used a fairly standard cup of coffee here in Paris as my pricing guide, so in dollars its around $3.99, in euros €2.99 and in pounds £2.49, (plus a few pennies for VAT I think). The funny thing is, I've bought hefty hardcover books on a similar topic, covering around 30 similarly sized and illustrated articles to mine here, but costing between €25 and €30. So I believe the price is fair and I'd love you to check it out and let me know what you think.

Become a Paris guru...

This is my first attempt at 'proper' on-line publishing, and I'm using the experience to prepare for a much larger project: producing several full-sized volumes of Paris quirks and curiosities which I will also be offering on the Amazon marketplace.

As you know, I consider all my readers as virtual friends and Paris lovers here, so I'm not trying to make money out of you (not yet - hah!) with this. If I were, I wouldn't still be offering them for free by e-mail article-by-article, on the right of this page!!! But I'd genuinely really appreciate your feedback on the buying process to find out if it works and where it needs to be improved. I also hope you'll enjoy having them all in one place on your favourite eBook reader tout de suite.

Also extremely valuable would be some positive reviews on Amazon (but honest ones - people can spot fake gushing ones written by the author's mother pretty easily...). I don't have any yet, so you could even be among the first! Even if you don't buy this version but have enjoyed the e-mail version you maybe signed up for, a nice review would be much appreciated.

New to this version are the brand new sections: About the author; Preface; Introduction and Endnotes, which I hope are worth reading in addition to the articles themselves.


There are also a few clickable links which will take you to various unexpected places, if you are connected to the web, including 20 'secret' web pages, one for each Paris quirk article, where you can leave comments and interact with other readers and the author, err, me.

I won't give you a full blurb about the book here as I'd like you to check out the Amazon page itself to see how effective it is. You can look at it right now by clicking one of the links above without any obligation to buy anything of course. Many thanks in advance.


* Sab Will runs Photo and Curios Tours in Paris, and also manages a variety of Paris and photography-themed sites and blogs. He writes an illustrated Paris Chronicle every day, runs a Meetup group for Paris lovers, interviews Paris personalities and reviews Paris books (on this blog), and even contributes to the city's street art (shh), so feel free to browse some of the links below and in the right-hand column to find out more about what he gets up to out there...

© 2011 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free - Suggestions, questions, requests and offers always welcome!

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