Friday, 27 April 2012

Paris Street Photography Competition: April 2012 Shortlist!

And the April 2012 nominees are...

After much deliberation and angst amongst the 'inner circle' here at Paris If You Please & Friends, we proudly present you (below) with the ten short-listed photographers from the April 2012 International Paris Street Photography Competition!

Below you can enjoy the full sets of three Paris street photos from the ten finalists. To see larger versions of all competition entries please visit our Flickr group here.

You Vote Too!
Although the main prizes are voted for by our panel of partners, sponsors and friends, you, dear visitor, can also vote for your three favourite photographers and your three favourite individual pictures, giving us a People's Choice winning photographer and a People's Choice winning photo.

Each photographer has a number next to their Flickr name, and each picture shows its number when you hover over it with your mouse. Use these numbers when voting for your favourite three photographers and pictures.

One vote per human being please (respect) and the more people voting the merrier, so tell your friends and get involved in the fun!

Remember, the International Paris Street Photography Competition is for all Paris photography lovers everywhere, and entering is extremely easy.

There are some great prizes on offer every month, thanks to our partnerships with some of the top Paris blogs and bloggers out there, as shown below... (Full competition details here)


Not forgetting our firm friends...

And why not you?!

Winners will be announced here on Paris If You Please and on our sponsors' web sites, so come back soon for the big news! Not only will they win some great prizes, but the overall winners will go through to the final in December to battle for the title of International Paris Street Photographer of the Year, 2012! The best photos of the year will also be up for prizes too!

But now it's about April - check out the pictures below, and don't forget to...

April 2012 Street Photography Competition: Shortlist!













Good luck to all of you, and thanks for playing. Now start getting your entries ready for the May round, and... happy shooting!

* Sab Will runs Photo and Curios Tours in Paris, and also manages a variety of Paris and photography-themed sites and blogs. He writes an illustrated Paris Chronicle every day, runs a Meetup group for Paris lovers, interviews Paris personalities and reviews Paris books (on this blog), and even contributes to the city's street art (shh), so feel free to browse some of the links below and in the right-hand column to find out more about what he gets up to out there...

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