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Paris Street Photo Competition: July 2012 Now Open!

July Competition Now Open!

Welcome to the "Paris If You Please" International Paris Street Photography Competition, for all Paris photography lovers everywhere!

Entering is extremely easy, and there are some great prizes on offer every month, thanks to our partnerships with some of the top Paris blogs and bloggers out there (see below)...

Past Prizes Include:*

   - A fabulous Nikon Coolpix camera
   - A private photo tour in Paris with Sab (left) ==>
   - A private fun fashion shoot
   - A chauffeur-driven night out on the town
   - Signed books on Paris themes
   - Calendars and posters
   - Your pictures published in FUSAC

See Last Month's Winners

Watch the video where Paris street photographer and organiser of this competition, Sab Will, chats about the entries for the May 2012 round (June winners video coming soon)...

Here's How It Works...

The "Paris If You Please" International Paris Street Photography Competition is a friendly and positive event, open to all, designed to showcase people's best Paris street photography shots monthly, and get you some great feedback to encourage you on your way.

  • 6 chances to win
  • Totally free to enter!
  • Win some great prizes
  • Submit 3 new pics monthly
  • Your original Paris photos only 
  • Cool place with nice folk like you
  • Comment on others and get feedback
  • Positive atmosphere with the 'focus' on fun!
  • Chance of winning the 2012 'Grand Prix' and title of "Paris If You Please" International Paris Street Photographer of the Year!

Categories & Monthly Prizes
Category 1: Best Set of Three




Category 2: Best Individual Picture




Category 3: People's Choice

This is a 'just for fun' public vote category, offering two further 'titles', namely:

People's Choice: Best Photographer / Set of 3

People's Choice: Best Individual Picture

1) You can enter three new pictures any month you want; you are automatically eligible for any of the six prizes shown above, as long as all the photos are your originals and you have full rights to them. You could even win prizes in both categories.

2) You can only win first prize in Category 1 or 2 (or both, but not in the same month) once per calendar year. You can continue to enter sets of three to win as many 2nd and 3rd places as you are capable of.

3) Winners of Category 1, the Best Set of 3, and Category 2, the Best Individual Picture, will automatically be eligible to enter for the 2012 Grand Prix at the end of the year, and compete for the title of "Paris Set Me Free" International Paris Street Photographer of the Year.


Paris magazine FUSAC is going to publish six
of the winning photos in their July issue..!



The original daily photo blog

Paris listings & events guide

Transport de Prestige
Take a piece of Paris and call it yours...

Your unique look into everyday Parisian life...

Treasure Hunt at the Louvre

Not forgetting our firm friends...

*Prizes may vary from month to month as more sponsors get involved and want to take part but they will always be great! Prizes must be claimed within one month of the winners being announced.

Sab Will runs Photo and Curios Tours in Paris, and also manages a variety of Paris and photography-themed sites and blogs. He writes an illustrated Paris Chronicle every day, runs a Meetup group for Paris lovers, interviews Paris personalities and reviews Paris books (on this blog), and even contributes to the city's street art (shh), so feel free to browse some of the links below and in the right-hand column to find out more about what he gets up to out there...

© 2012 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free - Suggestions, questions, requests and offers always welcome!

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