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Sab's Top Ten Stellar Paris Sundials: No.2 ~ "Judgement Day"

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Sab's Top Ten Stellar Paris Sundials
No.2: "Judgement Day" ~ Introduction 
by Sab Will,  wannabe offbeat Paris street guru

Although I only have about four in mind at the time of writing, I know Paris won't let me down.

I know for a fact that Paris will offer me at least ten wonderful sundials to share with you and then some.

How can I be so sure? Because I know Paris and know what it's capable of.

There's something magical about the sundial, something heathen and primitive. something mysterious.

Plus the fact that most of them never seem to make sense of the hour, but let's put that down to daylight saving time and other concepts beyond my meagre comprehension and not worry about it here.

The sundial, in all its variations; refusing the light and reflecting designers' and artists' imaginations down the ages. That's enough, it's dawn, a golden orb is rising and I've got hours of writing and photographing ahead before dusk steals in once again... 

Sab's Top Ten Stellar Paris Sundials
No.2 ~ "Judgement Day"

HORA.FVGIT.STAT.JVS thunders this beautiful sundial looking down from the Palais de Justice on the Ile de la Cité.

Time passes, justice remains, or sentiments to that effect.

Up above is old father time with his symbolic scythe waiting to reap us all up. Over on the right you can cuddle up to a jittery Justice if you don't mind the sword or unsettle her scales.

Personally, I'd give it a miss. OK, she's showing a shoulder and a bit of thigh, but without the usual boobs out of most female Parisian statues, it's not looking good. This particular Justice doesn't fool around, by the looks of things.

As usual too, the hour's way out. I mean, by two hours at least. Here you can (happily) see the shadow indicating a little after 11 whereas it was in fact taken at about twenty past one in the afternoon.

So taking summer-time into account that would make it just after twelve which still leaves a missing hour. Or is it I who is missing something? Probably.

This building is actually part of a quadruple whammy in terms of my fab Paris Top Ten series.

As well as this splendid sundial there's a Paris boat representation, a funny statue (for a forthcoming Top Ten of silly statues as I type), and part of the building has been battered to hell from shrapnel which will fit nicely into my Signs of War series.

For the time being we'll make do with this second addition to the sundial series as I go out scouting for more. And believe me there are more. So many more!



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