Plaît-il ?

So what's 'Paris If You Please' all about then, Sab?

Well, my idea is very simple:

"To offer interesting daily ideas
for things to do, visit, read,
see or listen to in Paris."

I will cover anything which it is possible to enjoy more or less immediately, with my double aim being to:

a)  keep you busy and getting the most out of this fantastic city
b)  help to promote the efforts of the many incredibly creative people out there doing their thing

This includes things such as:
  • Interviews with interesting Paris characters, with photos
  • Suggestions for visits and day trips, to classic and unusual places alike
  • Reviews of new and old books about the city
  • News of current exhibitions and shows to catch
  • Great Paris blogs from some of my wonderful friends out there
Hopefully you will enjoy discovering the incredible richness of Paris, its People and its Palavers* with me, and will comment on the posts and take part in the discussions.

If you are interested in suggesting something or quite simply promoting yourself then please do. Start by reading this explanatory posting which tells you what I'm looking for in more detail.
*Palavers = my 'P' word standing for Fun Paris Events and Happenings, whatever they may be!

Sab Will is...

... a Paris-based Brit, city chronicler, street photographer, abstract artist and poet who occasionally trains English teachers and French business people.

Sab is also a self-confessed Paris fanatic, blogoholic, screamingly irreverent rationalist and quite possibly mad. Sometimes he even writes in the third person in a laughable lunge for legitimacy.

He says his goal in life is to know the Paris metro map off by heart. He's currently half way along line two, but keeps getting stuck at Anvers because he always wants to get off and take the funiculaire up to Sacré Coeur to take photos from the top.

The only thing that keeps him vaguely sane is the real human contact he receives through his various blogs and sites on-line.

 Please give generously.
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