Welcome to the Paris If You Please Bookshop!

The bookshop is packed full of all the best books on Paris, personally picked by myself, your faithful Paris fanatic.

I aim to review all of them, but as the site hasn't been going long you'll have to be a bit patient if you don't mind!

I've created several categories to make things easier (more complicated?)...

   - Recently reviewed

   - Review coming soon

   - Great list of English Paris books

   - Great list of French Paris books

   - Readers' suggestions - from YOU!

   - Crap Paris books? Too cruel???

   - Any other weird list I can think of

DISCLAIMER: The fact is, if you go directly to Amazon from a link on Paris If You Please, and buy a book there and then, I'll get half a euro or something.

I can also tell you that I've gone to great efforts in the past with Amazon and earned very very little indeed. So please believe me when I say that this is not really intended as a money-making venture but more as a simple, and hopefully useful service to visitors to Paris If You Please.

If, of course, you do buy something through this bookstore then I thank you quite sincerely, and appreciate your gesture greatly. I'm not paid for the reviews or anything else I do on this site, so every little helps - thanks again!
My main aim is this: to help you enjoy Paris to the maximum, and a few great books on the subject, and there are many many great books on the subject... can only help. Bonne lecture, and see you in Paris soon.

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