The Paris If You Please Meet Up Group is...

...a fantastic way to meet up with other Paris fanatics and do some great stuff together!

We organise tons of great events, including:

   - historical and architectural walks

   - photo tours and exhibitions

   - café and restaurant outings with quizzes

   - filmm and theatre and gallery trips

   - talks by writers and photographers

   -  artists and photographerfun quizzes

   - anything you can think of about Paris!

In fact, we'll organise any event of interest to Paris lovers and are hoping to hear from new people with new ideas and enthusiasm all the time.

Our message is quite simple: if you love Paris, then we'll love you!

So come on down, and we'll see you in Paris soon.


The Survive France Network (SFN) is...

...a wonderful friendly web site for English-speaking people living or working in France. Or even just staying in touch with the French way of life.

The site is open to all, free to use, and has a large number of interesting features, such as Property, Events, Small Ads, Forums and Special Interest Groups, as well as your own page which you can update and customise as you wish.

My personal favourites are the groups, where you can discuss and share your thoughts on your favourite topics with like-minded people from all over France.

Personally, I'm a member of:

Dogs Dogs Dogs ~ UK Foods in France ~ Bloggers in France ~ Business Owners in France ~ Franglais Kids ~ Bookworms ~ ARTicles ~ Listen In ~ SF Photography Club

Oh! I almost forgot: I also belong to the Paris If You Please Discussion Forum which I look after myself, as it happens.

The atmosphere on all these groups is very pleasant, with people being extremely helpful whenever anyone has a problem or query linked to living in France. I recommend you check it out and maybe we can meet up in some of the groups over at Survive France!


French Week is...

...a great new weekly newspaper - France's ONLY weekly paper in English - for anyone and everyone interested in French affairs and culture.

There's nothing that can beat the feel of a proper paper in your hands and the rustling of its pages, that you can fold up in a jiffy, shove in your bag or under your arm as you run for the train, or just enjoy unfolding as you relax in the garden without worrying about spilling your freshly squeezed orange juice all over it.

I do have a slightly vested interest in making you all aware of it:

New Paris-themed column+photo by Sab Will in French Week from December 2010

so I'm excited about that and I hope you'll check it out!

There are other good reasons for reading it too of course. Such as a very thorough coverage of current French news as well as excellent in-depth features and a good spattering of local news items and articles to interest all-comers.

Have a read and let me know what you think! Back issues on line a couple of weeks after publication.

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