Here are some of the things other people are writing about my blogs. I'm only publishing the good ones. Enough said. See you in Paris!

I had to go back to 8 March, 2008, to get to the beginning of Rick's adventure with his great blog, I Love Photoblogs. What Rick does is introduce us to loads of great photo blogs from all over the world, as well as a heap of other useful resources and articles to help us promote our work and learn about tools and techniques too.

He really does a great job and the time he must spend on it seems to be phenomenal - he sends out a new posting with several items in it most days now, and this interview with me was one of them!
I appreciated his desire to get the piece as I wanted it, even adding extra photos at my request and keen that I should promote it as much as possible for both of us.

It was a pleasure to do and I can genuinely say I'm proud to have been featured on his site which is read by many thousands of people all over the world and which is leading to some interesting projects by the looks of things. Thanks Rick!

A certain Keith Eckstein has created a certain blog called A Taste Of Garlic subtitled 'Because we all love reading blogs about life in France', and he recently featured my Paris and I blog on it.

Keith does an extremely thorough job, and his review is almost poetic in the way he manages to weave a little story around the titles of my various postings, along with links to all of those cited. I must admit I rather narcissistically couldn't resist clicking on all his links and reading quite a few of my older posts from earlier this year, which was quite a strange experience. It's scary how quickly today's urgency becomes yesterday's news!

Keith's blog is well worth a visit if you are ever at a loose end and have a certain love for France and all things bloggy about it. You'll find about a lifetime's worth of reading here, and he does a fine job of helping you to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Thanks for the great review, Keith, and the fact that you support what would be my local football team, Spurs, if I still lived in North London, was an amusing find.

MissaParis is a charming little blog by a mysterious Parisienne who, as I understand it, doesn't want to be 'outed' just yet!

I met her, of course, to do the interview, and loved her passionate and genuine love for her city - it was quite inspiring, I can tell you.

And not only that of course, she wrote a very nice piece on my creative projects, in both English and French, which is a double feat, which added to actually understanding the flow of consciousness blah-blah I threw at her definitely deserves applause, and I put my hands together for her whole-heartedly.

She is also a bit of a photography fan herself, and has developed a great style where she puts together a collage of lots of shots of her chosen subject into one, which I think works really well - see the screen shot here for yourself..

MissaParis covers anything about Paris that tickles her fancy, including unusual bars and cafés, interesting concerts, chance encounters on metro stations, shopping, web sites, museums, exhibitions and, not forgetting... interviews with fascinating musicians, poets, painters, writers and photographers who cross her path!
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